Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Part 2 - The USA

I can hardly believe we've been back from holiday for 2.5 weeks already, where has the time gone?!  It is taking me longer to post our holiday adventures than I thought - we've had a couple of personal things happen, as well as trying to catch up on our garden that went WHOOSH! in the spring rains that came while we were away (our tomato plants grew about 40cm in the three weeks we were away!).

But here it is, country 2 - the USA, specifically Guam.  We weren't expecting much from Guam, and really only stopped there on our way to the rest of our holiday, but it turned out to be quite interesting.  There is a lot packed into a small space with Chamorro, Spanish, Japanese and American stories merged into a modern island.  Lots of people from Asia, especially Japan, go to Guam for short break holidays (mostly to go shopping in the many boutiques).

The view looking down from Two Lovers Point.

View of a forested part of the island.

Fort Nuestra De La Soledad - a Spanish fort from 1810

View from one of the guard towers at the fort.

Japanese sniper cave from World War 2.

Latte Stones - thought to be used as building supports by the Chamorro people.

Apparently this is the world's largest K-Mart.  It is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.  That's a lot of shopping time!

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  1. Stunning views! So lush and green, you must have been so pleased.

    Regarding the KMart, I'm sure you know of Walmart. They have many, many 24/7 stores throughout the nation. Just in case you need something at 3am, ha ha!