Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why have I been so quiet?

Hello again!  Some of you might be wondering why I haven't posted anything for a while and thinking to yourself "hmm, where is Michelle?".  Well, the answer is - my husband and I have been on holiday! 

Instead of just telling you where we went, I've decided to be a tease and tantalise you with some photos and a few snippets of information. 

We left Australia and went to four different countries.  Can you guess where we have been?

Country 1 - From one of the hotels we stayed in...
We stayed in this country twice - it was our gateway to the other countries

Country 1 - A view of old and new...

Country 2 - the view from our hotel.

Country 2 - A rather lovely old bridge

Country 3 - The hut we stayed in is somewhere in there..!
Country 3 - Wow, what an incredible heritage site!
Country 3 - Ooh, there is a big clue in this photo!

Country 4 - Yes, that is a real photo!

Country 4 - Another great view.

Country 4 - Modern war has also left a footprint