Monday, April 14, 2014

Never say never

A couple of weekends ago the Lifeline Bookfair was on again in Canberra.  A huge second hand book sale with all proceeds to charity - how could I resist not increasing my (ever growing) stash of sewing books and patterns?!

If you can get past the dated photos the Singer sewing collection books are great sewing reference books.  Every Bookfair I find a couple more.  (Oh, and that's my little Janome).

Some retro (and a little vintage) patterns.  I hadn't planned on buying the men's safari suit, but MH and I couldn't resist its charms..!

And because it seems I'm a complete sucker - I saw this quilting book and thought "hmm, why not, maybe I'll make another quilt sometime soon".  (How can I have already forgotten the pain the last one put me through?!  Ah, but such joy too!)