Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sitting Quietly

Way back in April I fell over.  Nothing spectacular, I was just walking and lost my footing.  At the time I was quite pleased with my right hand for reacting quickly and throwing itself out to take the weight of my body and I congratulated myself on stopping any damage to my hip.  Sadly though, the jarring impact has caused more concern than I could have imagined.

Initially I had bruising and sprains to my hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.  I couldn't hold a pen or even curl my fingers into a fist for nearly two weeks.  Slowly my hand, wrist and elbow settled down, visits to a physiotherapist helped.  But my shoulder is refusing to improve.  Last month I tried going back to work for a few hours a week, but I work in an office so most of my day is spent using a computer or writing - something that is really difficult with my injuries.  Sadly, the pain it caused became too much and I went back to no time at work (even typing this post is bringing on shoulder pain). 

Staying at home for weeks on end sounds like a great opportunity to get lots done around the house, but I am right handed so not being able to really use my right arm means I can only gaze at potential sewing and knitting projects and daydream.  Instead I've been catching up on TV and movies I've been wanting to watch and trying to avoid the terrible daytime TV that Australia has! 

I've had some scans done and am due to see a specialist, so hopefully there'll be some improvement soon!  But if you don't hear from me much for a while - I'm still around and planning to sew and knit more just as soon as I can!