Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting well

I seem to be recovering from my shoulder surgery quite well (touch wood!).  I'm starting to use that arm again and the stitches are due to come out tomorrow, so I'm feeling quite confident that I'll be back to normal within a couple of months. 

As a crafting enthusiast it is probably quite fitting that my first non-medical outing since returning home from hospital was to a nearby craft shop.  How could I resist a sale with 30% off all fabrics?!

I'll hem the cotton Christmas print to make a festive tablecloth.  The cotton drill with vintage seed packet print caught my husband's eye.  I'll make a shopping bag or two from it - perfect for trips to the weekend farmers market.

Plain thin blue lawn for use as lining in a summer dress.  Pretty butterfly print - I though it would make a lovely lining for a Spring jacket (I'm sure I'll make one at some point..!)  Cheerful blue and red soft cotton print to make a long sleeved summer shirt (as a redhead, Australian summers aren't kind to me unless I'm covered up!).

Is it fabric stashing if you have a something in mind for all your purchases?!