Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To carry and to hold

We've been buying flour in 5kg sacks for a few years.  I saved all the calico sacks with the idea that maybe one day I would be able to do something with them - and now that I can sew I can!  The sacks are very simply constructed with a seam on the bottom and just one side seam (the other side is a fold).  So after washing the sacks I unpicked the two seams, leaving a rectangle of fabric.  Using two of those rectangles I cut a strip off one side of each rectangle to use later as the straps, then sewed the remaining fabric together into a bag and finally attached the straps.  It took about 30 minutes to sew this up.  With the A.C.T ban on plastic bags starting next month now is a good time for us to boost our stash of 'green' bags so I'll be sewing up some more soon.

And another book pouch (or e-book reader holder, or a safe place to keep your stockings and tights while travelling, or a place to hide your chocolate stash, or, well, it can be used for about 101 different things!).  This one is for my husband.  He likes the 'day of the dead' vibe that these kooky owls give.


  1. Ha ha, "day of the dead" owls. I laughed! Have you got batting in there?

    That bag would fetch a nice price over here in the US. It's a lovely upcycle. Will you folks really ban plastic bags? That's awesome. I wish we could pull that off.

  2. Hi Sassafrass, yes there is a thin batting in the pouch - it makes it sturdier, but isn't so thick that my sewing machine complains!

    The plastic bag ban starts on 1 November, but when you read the fine print it is only one type of plastic bag while other types are still allowed. So not as impressive as it initally sounds, but change has to start somewhere.