Sunday, December 18, 2011

Micronesia - Pohnpei

Where does the time go? - Only a week until Christmas.  We have our tree up and decorated, and for the first time we have put fairy lights outside.  If you celebrate Christmas, how are your preparations going? 

It feels so long ago now, but here is the next instalment of our holiday photos...

One of my readers has kindly pointed out that there is indeed a Lonely Planet guide to Micronesia.  Strangely, two of our local book shops have an official list of available Lonely Planet guides and neither listed the Micronesia book.  It is an older publication (2000), but I'm sure would give any potential visitors some good ideas (and in the meantime, the photos here might get you dreaming!).

We stayed at The Village

The Village restaurant (wait for the view...!)

The view from The Village restaurant - the view we saw every morning while eating breakfast.

Our bungalow.

Only half walls!  But it was lovely and even during the stormy nights we were safe and dry.  The windows all have fly screens and the mosquito nets are put down at night.  We loved all the geckos who shared the bungalow with us.

The view from our room.

A room in the jungle.

A couple of parrots we saw from our room.

The path from the bungalows to the (very!) little beach.

A black tipped reef shark that we saw from the beach.

There were lots of beautiful flowers.

The path to one of the island's waterfalls.

The old Spanish Wall, it is now part of the local baseball field.

Fabulous metallic lizard.
German bell tower. 

I've been doing a lot of sewing and gardening lately, which I will post about soon! 

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