Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another garden post

Yes, another garden post!  Sadly my shoulder has had a relapse and my sewing, which was going so well, has all but stopped for a little while.  Hooray though, our garden is doing great!

Here's what we found in the backyard today...

Nine nectarines!  Two eggplants, some green beans, some small capsicums, an egg (thank you Harriet!), two different types of zucchini and eight different types of tomato.  We are also being flooded with tomatillos, basil and chillis.  Hmm, now what to eat first..?!


  1. Oh my goodness, those fresh veggies look SO good right now. Looks like the garden is providing very well for you this year! Hope the shoulder improves soon so you can resuming your sewing :)

  2. Ha ha, parts of our garden are doing great. But I've been very selective and not shown you photos of our stunted corn and droopy peas!