Monday, August 10, 2015

A hat trick of NL6968

I'm a terrible blogger for several reasons. One of them being that I never remember to ask MH to take photos of me in the clothes I sew. After far too long thinking "Oh, we'll take photos one weekend", I've decided to just post photos of the clothes without me in them! I don't blog to splash photos of myself around, so I figure we'll all survive without them. Though I do apologise that you can't see how they fit me (you'll have to take my word for it that they do!).

Over the past year I've made three versions of New Look 6968, plus a couple of adapted versions (that I'll post about another time).

 Version 1. It is a simple shift style dress that is great for me to wear to work (I work in an office). I usually wear this one with a hot pink belt (that I forgot to use in the photos, and really, we know I'm not going to retake the photos!). I wear this dress all the time for work, it is comfortable and easy care.

 Close up of the print - 1950s style dresses.

Inside the dress (often the most interesting part for sewists!). 
The pattern didn't suggest lining it, so I didn't. Blurgh, I've discovered I don't like unlined dresses, especially if you want to wear it with tights/stockings. Also, the facing didn't sit very flat without lining to hold it down (more on that later).

 Zip. I made this before MH bought me an overlocker so I used an overcast foot to finish the seams. (Yes, MH researched and purchased the overlocker with no help from me, and he bought a great one - I'm very lucky!)

 Facing without lining. You might be able to see the sneaky stitches I used to hold the facing down.
Also, I used binding to finish the sleeves.

 This is actually the third version I made. I usually wear it with an orange belt (sorry, not remembered for these photos!). Again, I wear this all the time for work (usually every week). 
Those of you with long memories may recognise the fabric from my first ever dress. I bought a couple of metres of it at the time and shift dresses in my size only use about a metre.

 Bodice closeup. You might be able to make out the darts around the neckline.

 Back view.

 Inside view. Facing around the neck plus lining.

 Close up of front inside. I use the same pattern pieces for the lining so there are tiny tucks in place of the darts that are used for the outside.

 The second version I made (but the prettiest!). A friend bought me some fabric while she was in Cambodia. It was just enough to scrape out this dress. I centered the peacocks on the front skirt. You can see the front neck darts more clearly on this version. I wear this if MH and I go out for dinner at a nice restaurant. I don't wear a belt with this version. I also made the waist a bit tighter, so it really cinches in.

 Back view. There wasn't quite enough fabric to centre the peacocks on the back skirt or bodice, but they are close!

 Back bodice close up.

Back zip. Woohoo, the skirt lined up perfectly on either side of the zip!

Inside. I actually quite like the contrast of the purple fabric and the black lining.

Again, I apologise to those of you who like to see people wearing the clothes they make. Maybe one day MH and I will be more organised to take photos!


  1. Looks stunning, I love them! I'm glad you posted them. Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks Danielle, I'll try and get some pictures of my other projects up soon(ish!).

  2. Oh wow I love the purple peacock version - lovely to use fabric with a friend story attached too.

    I'm happy about the posts being with 'unoccupied' garments make by you. If you don't like posting pics of yourself wearing said garments that's fine. It is your blog after all! I have a little digital camera with tripod (its something like 10 years old) that I mess about with feeling like a dork and out of maybe 40 photos, a few are worth publishing. Funny huh.