Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Apple picking

We've driven to the NSW south coast a few times over the past few years, but we've never driven down in the Autumn.  So it was a wonderful surprise for us on the trip down a couple of weeks ago to see that there are lots of apple trees by the side of the road!  Zipping past in the car we could see lots of different types (based on the colours!).  So on the way home we stopped and picked a bagful.  The apples are blemished on the outside, but beautiful on the inside.


  1. What species are they? They look beautiful!

    Do you have any plans for baking with these, or will you eat 'em just as they are?

  2. Hi Sass, we have no idea what species they are, but they are very tart, so we'll only be using them for cooking. They cooked up a treat with our rhubarb the other day. Yum!