Thursday, March 24, 2011

College sewing projects

It's official - I've finally rid myself of my fear of sewing pants (created in high school many years ago) and am now the proud owner of cute sheep pyjama pants, complete with pockets!

My first project - a sewing tool belt.  We had the choice of making a bag, an equipment roll or a tool belt.  I decided to make the belt and it is the best thing ever!  If you sew a lot, depending on how your sewing area is set up, you might like to make one of these.  It is just a rectangle of denim folded over, with a pocket attached.  I sewed dividing lines to help keep things separated and therefore easy to pull out when needed.  I added loops for a belt (easier for me than sewing a waist band!).
It has my scissors, snips, unpicker, tweezers, screwdriver, pins and tape measure - everything I need in a day's sewing.  It is great for keeping those things off my sewing desk and we move around a lot during class and wearing this means I have everything with me no matter if I am at the sewing machine, the overlocker or at the cutting tables.


  1. WOW. That's so awesome! Looks like a very useful class!

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  3. Hi Durga, thanks for dropping by - I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! I've just had a look through the blog gadgets available and found one for email subscriptions that I've added to the side of my blog. I hope it works!