Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vive le tour!

Yay!  It is that time of the year again.  I LOVE the Tour de France!  I introduced my husband to the Tour by enticing him with the scenery and Gabriel Gate's recipes, he then got into the actual cycling and now agrees it is worth watching.  Sadly with the huge time difference between France and eastern Australia we can rarely stay up to watch a whole stage.  One year I am going to spend my annual holiday staying up late to watch every stage (and late nights in front of the TV will give me lots of opportunities to knit and sew!). 

The Tour is my favourite sporting event.  I've done a little bit of long haul cycling myself, but I have absolutely no illusions that I could ever do the distances that the Tour covers.  About 10 years ago I cycled the Orkney Islands (off the north coast of Scotland) and it rained 9 days out of 10!  I also cycled from Bristol to Exeter following the English coast - it wasn't as rainy as the Orkney's but almost!  Despite the rain I love cycling in the UK because there are such small distances between towns and villages - giving lots of opportunities to visit many bakeries!

Hopefully this year will be Cadel's year at the Tour.  Will you be staying up late/ getting up early to watch? 


  1. This is getting weird - we like so many of the same things!! Cycling is about the only sport I'm interested in. I watched the whole Tour last year - so tiring!!! Definitely take time off - its impossible to do it and work! I haven't watched much this year though.

  2. You stayed up night after night?! You have much more stamina than me! The year after next is the 100th Tour, so maybe that will be my stay at home and watch year...

  3. Or we could go to France and watch it in brother went one year and loved it.