Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm moving to a new job next week.  I'm full of nervous excitement at what is to come, but that is tinged with sadness at what I am leaving behind.  Today my wonderful colleagues presented me with a beautiful book as a farewell gift.

'The Golden Age of Couture'

Speaking of books - despite Canberra's freezing temperatures (last night it was -8oC (17.6oF)) my husband and I are planning our garden for the coming summer.  We still have some tomatoes hanging under the verandah, but we ate the last of our potatoes tonight (along with fresh parsnip and beetroot from the garden).

And more books!...  This knitting book from the library has some lovely patterns that I'll hopefully make at least one of. 

What have you been inspired by lately?


  1. Congrats on the new job!

    When I read about how cold it was in your neck of the woods, I crave winter. It's been as hot as blazes around here. Sounds like your garden really produced for you too - how exciting!

  2. Hi Sassafrass, I've heard about the heatwave across North America - I hope you've been spared the worst of it. Bizarrely, after the heavy frost and ultra freezing temperatures of a couple of weeks ago - we had spring temperatures this week!