Sunday, August 14, 2011

A mix of seasons

A couple of months ago I put a huge pile of autumn leaves into the chook house - the chooks had a wonderful time scratching through them and eventually the leaves broke down into nothing.  This week I raked up some more leaves (yes, they are still falling - our pin oak holds onto them for months after they turn brown) and put them into the chook house.  In the time it took for me to go into the house to get my camera and walk back to the chook house the three chooks had already spread the tall pile into an even layer across the floor of their run!

Harriet (the Rhode Island Red) and our two Australorps, Cottontail and, in the background showing us her feathery bum, Philadelphia.  Oh, and in excellent news - the younger two are now definitely laying eggs!

Our first jonquils of the season - Soleil d'Or.

One of my favourite spring bulbs - beautiful Tete a Tete's.

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