Sunday, January 1, 2012

Micronesia - Yap

If you want a relaxing, away from it all holiday, you should try Yap.  There are less than a handful of flights a week (you get there via either Guam or Palau) only a handful of hotels and some of the friendliest and most helpful people you could ever meet.  We adored Yap and we were lucky enough to have timed (purely by chance!) our visit with the 3rd annual Yap canoe festival, which gave us a wonderful opportunity to see traditional canoeing and dancing.

I hope you enjoy this little photo journey of our favourite part of Micronesia.

Canoe festival count down sign (updated daily!)

Recreation of traditional buildings

The same buildings from the other side - this is right in the centre of the main town (Colonia).

Fish!  We took these fish photos from the balcony of our hotel room.

Japanese anti-aircraft gun from World War 2

Japanese fighter plane from WW2

Crashed Continental Airlines plane.

The Stone Money Bank

Stone money

Stone path

Intricate rope work inside a men's house.

Traditional men's house (with stone money at the front).

Traditional fishing vessels

Wonderful dancing at the festival - the Bamboo Dance.

Bamboo raft race


Men's dance

I love how all ages are included in all the activities.

One of the locals came to our farewell dinner...!


  1. Wow, that's beautiful. So tropical, so cultural different from what I'm used to seeing!

    I've heard of the stone money before, and I always thought it was intriguing. I'd never seen pictures of the actual stones though, so you've enlightened me today!

    Those planes are really interesting too... I love to see how nature treats them after prolonged exposure.

  2. Hi Sassafrass, I'm so pleased you enjoyed the photos. My husband and I had such a lovely time in Micronesia (especially Yap!) so it is nice to be able to share some of it.
    The WW2 wrecks are so interesting, but also sobering. The final part of our trip was to Palau, which had some utterly awful WW2 events. It really made me appreciate how lucky Australia was.

    ps: I hope to see more of your roadtrip photos one day.