Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From the garden

How are things in your garden?  We've had a real mix of good and not so good this summer.  One of the good things is that our tomato plants have exploded with fruit.  We have about 4kg (8.8lbs) of tomatoes waiting patiently on our kitchen bench for us to do something with them.  I think we are going to freeze them because we already made some tomato sauce a couple of weekends ago (when we had 2.5kg of tomatoes sitting on the bench!) and there are only so many tomatoes you can eat at a time!  We are growing 7 different heritage varieties this year, so there is a great mix of colours.

We picked our first corn this week - home grown corn has to be one of the best vegetables ever!

And for the first time ever I made a garlic plait - only a small one, but still a bona fide home grown garlic plait!

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  1. Your post makes me ache for spring here. It looks like a great harvest thus far. Those tomatoes have such color!