Monday, February 6, 2012

Holiday Part 4 - The Rock Islands, Palau

Here it is (at last!), the final installment of our holiday in Micronesia.  The utterly wonderful, beautiful and dream worthy Rock Islands, considered so fabulous that Palau have nominated them for UNESCO World Heritage Listing.  We will all have to wait a few more months to find out if the nomination has been successful, I wish Palau the best of luck because the world needs to know what amazing places there are in the Pacific.

Most of the photos speak for themselves, but I have added captions to a couple of them.

What is the collective noun for hermit crabs?

The Milky Way - a small bay where the sand at the bottom of the bay is silky soft and white.  You have to cake it all over yourself and after you wash it off you'll look years younger. 

Our guide collecting the sand.

The Milky Way sand.

Anybody recognise this well known fellow who is having a nap?

(It's Homer Simpson!)

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