Monday, October 8, 2012

Adding to my stash

Part of our recent holiday was a few days in delightful Melbourne and while we were there I had a look around some of the fabric shops (just because I can't sew at the moment doesn't mean I can stock up on fabric for when I can..!!).

Hmm, ok, I probably should have ironed the fabric before I photographed it.
- The dark green pattern is a Liberty print I bought from Tessuti - I'm thinking maybe a skirt?  
- The plain blue is from Lincraft - I'm thinking maybe a dress if I'm lucky?  It was the end of the roll so hopefully there is enough fabric.  Lincraft is a chain, so they have a lot of shops around Australia.  There are a couple in Canberra, but the one in Melbourne City is much bigger and better set out.  
- The blue and white print and the red fabrics are from the swoonworthy Clegs.  I'm thinking probably a shirt and a dress respectively.  There was also a gorgeous white and green silk print at Clegs that I loved, but at AU$99.95 a metre I could only look (ok, there was a bit of touching too!) but not buy it.

 We took a tram ride out to Rathdowne Fabrics, the fabric shop used by contestants in Project Runway Australia.  No fabric caught my eye, but these lovely closures did.

I'm trying not to be a stash builder, but it is hard to pass up some things when they catch my eye!  What about you, are you a stash builder or a strictly buy and make person? 


  1. I agree with you - I am trying not to be a Stash Builder either. I always just bought fabric and supplies for the project at hand, or maybe one or two in advance. It's reading all these sewing blogs that makes stash building seem not only permissable but desirable and normal! :-)

    I wonder what my guest/sewing room will be like after a few more months surrounded by Stash Building Bloggers for online company??

    1. I agree! Some people have so much fabric I wonder how they remember what they have, and if they have a system in place to help. I have three shelves in a cupboard devoted to fabric and yarn - I'm hopeful it will remain contained within those three shelves.