Friday, October 12, 2012

Heritage, sand and a mob of emus

Earlier this year we were in Victoria for a week and while there we took a day trip from Mildura to visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed Willandra Lakes.  What an amazing place.  It is a series of now dried up lake beds that were inhabited by Aborigines over 50,000 years ago.  What is believed to be the oldest ritual cremation site in the world, from 40,000 years ago, has been found there.

It was really windy the day we were there and I had to spend a bit of time that night trying to sort out the frazzled, sandy mess that was my hair!  But it was worth it to see such an beautiful place.  I hope you enjoy the photos...

Emu photo taken through the window of the car.  They were running away quite fast so I only managed to snap two photos before they were blurs in the distance.

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