Thursday, January 3, 2013

'Quick' sewing fix

Over the past couple of days I've been sewing a Burda Style Light Cowl Top.  The instructions in the latest Burda Style magazine says it takes 1 hour to make...  Hmm, it took me a lot more than that!  Though in my defence I'm out of practise (cue unpicker!), have to take lots of breaks to rest my shoulder and, well, Burda Style instructions are a bit vague! 

Anyway, here it is - being modelled beautifully by my brand new dress form (a Singer 150, received as a present from my very thoughtful husband).

A very boxy shape.  I also don't really like the cowl afterall.  My husband thinks it looks quite nice on me though so maybe I am being a bit harsh!

I much prefer it with a skinny belt to give it shape (though maybe not orange..!).

Pattern:  Burda Style Magazine 1/2013, pattern 123a
Adjustments: Shortened the length by about 6cm
Cost: $7 for fabric, plus thread from my stash
Did I learn anything new: I used the 'overcast' foot on my sewing machine to finish some edges
Would I recommend it:  There is just the front and back pieces to sew together so it is really quite easy, though the cowl and back neck binding add a bit of sewing interest
Would I make it again:  Hmm, maybe without the cowl and include some waist shaping for a simple shirt
Where will I wear it:  Around the house and to the local shop, but probably not to work because I just don't like the cowl!

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