Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seasonally inappropriate sewing

I could have also titled this post 'Getting Well Part 3' - yes, another month another operation in our little household.  This time it was my husband, he is in pain, but recovering.  And I swear that 2013 will be a much better health year for us than 2012 was! (I count this operation as being needed from 2012, and therefore nothing to do with 2013!). 

Having to do increased household and nursing duties has reduced my time for sewing though.  So I only have one small finished item to show this week.

This reversible double sided dog coat was on my cutting table last April when I had my accident so Tansy didn't have it in time for last winter, but she will be all set for walks on Canberra's icy winter mornings this year (though in the summer heat it is hard to believe those days are only a few short months away).  This coat a followup from the coat I made her last year. 

 The basic pattern - cut centre back on the fold (the straight line at the bottom of the photo).  
Tansy is an over sized (not overweight) Australian Silky Terrier.  She weighs around 8kg.
This pattern piece measures:
36cm along centre back length from neck to tail
27cm around her side from centre back to centre tummy, this includes ease for the Velcro fastening
14.5cm torso, from the back of her front legs to the front of her back legs.

This pattern does not include any seam or hem allowance as I used non-fraying polar fleece for Tansy's first coat.  If you want to make a double layer coat, or are using a fabric that might fray, don't forget to add seam allowance.

 One side of the coat.  I know putting a dog in leopard print is a bit naff, but I couldn't help myself - when I saw the fabric I just had to buy it...!
If you want to make a double sided coat, sew the right sides of the fabric together except for part of the neck area (the curve at the bottom of the photo).  Pull the coat right side out through the unsewn neck area, then stitch the neck area closed.  Add Velcro (or your preferred fastener) and you're done!

 Other side of the coat, blue polar fleece.  Because I have used Velcro as the fastener the coat is fully reversible.

 I'm sure the RSPCA would be knocking at my door if I tried to get Tansy to model a thick double sided coat on a hot summer day, so her toy 'Emu' offered her services. 

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