Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finished! Blue Dress

Wow, what a marathon!  Some of you may remember eons ago I started a Blue Dress.  A self drafted pattern for a dress that would be appropriate to wear to work in an office.  I started it just a week before my shoulder surgery last year with high hopes of finishing it within a week.  Hmm, that didn't quite happen (what an understatement!).

But at last, here it is.  Four months late, but with a very valid excuse of shoulder surgery and subsequent relapse (with accompanying talk of a possible second operation - sulk).

 The bodice ended up a little bit too long, so the dress has a slight 1980s drop waist.  
I have the perfect belt to help hide that though!

 Front view (with belt!)
I only overcast the hem, rather than a turned up hem.  I'm not sure how that will hold up in the wash so I may end up hemming it later.

 Back view, invisible zip at centre back.

Front facing.  
I put interfacing between facing and fabric, but I'm wondering if it might still be too flimsy to stay upright as the fabric is quite thin.

 Facing and lining.  The lining is a plain black cotton.  
I've made a light summer dress just in time for the weather to turn grey, cold and a bit miserable!

The skirt lining is pleated rather than gathered like the main skirt.

Facings on the back neck.

Overall I'm quite happy with this dress and if I don't get wear out of it before summer ends maybe I can wear it with a shirt and tights for winter?

Fabric:  $12.99/m from Lincraft, Melbourne City.
Notions:  Navy blue invisible zip, navy blue thread
Pattern:  Self drafted 'Blue Dress'
Total cost:  Around $20
Did I learn anything new:  No, but I had to search my memory for how to sew the right angle when joining the facing and lining on the front bodice detail.
Would I make it again:  Yes, but I'd shorten the bodice and probably make a different skirt.


  1. This is a lovely dress and the belt is perfect. I'd love to see if on you ....? and the finishing inside looks so neat. Pooh to the weather turning gray just in time for the dress to be finished - how unthoughtful of it. If its any consolation it is grey in Wellington today too ;)

    BTW think you can def. can wear it with tights and a shirt, or long sleeve tank etc.

    1. My photographer wasn't at home when I finished this dress, so you'll have to wait until I bring it out of the cupboard to wear. Don't hold your breath, although you might be lucky because the sun has just popped out to say hello. Maybe the coming week will be suitable for summer dresses after all!

  2. I am very impressed with how neat your lining and facing are! I really like the pleats too - thanks for all the detailed photographs.

    1. Thanks Nessa. I spent just as much time sewing the lining as I did the main fabric, so it seems right for it to get some blog time!