Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talofa new fabric!

A dear friend of mine is living in Samoa for a while and she very thoughtfully posted some locally printed fabric to me.  How spoilt am I?!

The brown fabric has an Hawaiian inspired hibiscus motif.  I like how the dye hasn't soaked all the way through, giving the 'wrong' side a variegated look.  Depending on what project I end up choosing for this fabric, I could probably use either the wrong or the right side of this fabric as the 'right' side. 

The blue fabric is a more traditional print.  This fabric is quite stiff, so I'll have to choose the right project for it.

Isn't it lovely when friends surprise you with a gift just because they know you'll appreciate it!


  1. Oh you lucky thing. Friends are wonderful things it is true. I wonder what you will make with these two lovelies...

  2. Such beautiful fabrics! Look forward to seeing which project they will be paired with... I bought some very stiff fabric once, but was assured by the owner of the shop that it would become soft as cotton once washed - and he was right. Apparently they use a lot of starch to produce the bolts of fabric, but it washes out easily. Hope this is the case for you too.