Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cheer from the Puppy-Deer

This year was Tansy's first Christmas with us (she was a tiny puppy still with her mum last Christmas).  To help get into the festive spirit my husband bought some puppy-sized kitsch reindeer antlers for her.  She didn't like them on her head, but was quite happy to wander around with them on her back.  So they became her Puppy-Deer wings instead of antlers.  Yesterday we went to the dog park for Tansy to run around and then we had a picnic in the nearby park.  I hope her 'wings' made other picnic goers smile, especially when she started bounding through the grass, and I hope they make you smile.

Ready for presents!

The one with the waggily tail.

Sitting nicely at the picnic.

The Puppy-Deer and her Esky-Sleigh.

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