Thursday, December 23, 2010

A quiet visitor

This afternoon Tansy was barking up a storm outside.  She does bark a bit sometimes, usually in hysterical excitement through the fence at the dog next door, but this was different.  So I went out to see what had caught her attention.  She was standing at the top of the patio stairs, facing the house and barking very intently.  Then a flash of stripey tail on the ground caught my eye.  Calling Tansy to me, I held her wiggling furry body (with great difficulty!) and I peered behind the pots on the patio to see this...

A blue tongue lizard.

I kept Tansy inside for the next half an hour - and she whined agonisingly at the back door the entire time.  Then put her on a lead and went back outside.  She sniffed all round, but we couldn't find the lizard again.  Blue tongues are great in gardens to help keep pests down (they love juicy snails), but I'm hoping this one has found somewhere safer to live than a backyard with an excitable puppy! 

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