Monday, December 13, 2010

A study in scarlett...

I started this blog to help me with my knitting, and I realised today that I haven't written about my knitting for a little while.  I have been knitting, but Christmas is coming up and I'm knitting presents for people who might be reading this!  So stay tuned and I will post knitting photos after Christmas.

But as this is peak growing season there are lots of wonderful things happening in our backyard.  Here are some red highlights.

Scarlett Runner Beans (with potatoes in the background).

Today's raspberry harvest (98grams).  We'll be eating them very soon with leftover lemon tart and thick cream.  Yum!

Lots more raspberries still to come!

This feijoa was already here when we bought the house.  It had just as many flowers last year, but sadly none of them set fruit.  Hopefully we'll have more luck this year. 

Close up of feijoa flowers.

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