Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Casual and dressed up

Well, I've recovered from the disappointment of having none of the songs I really liked winning Eurovision.  Jedward winning the (unofficial) Australian vote definitely gave me heart!  Ah well, there's always next year..!

I've been really busy with school the past couple of weeks - only a few weeks to go before the course is finished and I'll have to have a good think about what I want to do with my new sewing skills. 

Here are my latest couple of sewing projects:

Simple raglan t-shirt.  I made this in class using a 4 thread overlocker.  I don't own an overlocker at home, but this was so quick and easy to make that maybe I'll have to consider buying one.  The binding around the neck was put on with a fantastic machine at school - its only job is to attach binding and it is quick and easy to use.  I loved using it, but can't imagine I'll be buying one for home anytime soon!

Shirt with collar and stand and cuffs.

Close up of the cuffs and hem.

Close up of the collar and stand.  We only make one sample of things before we make them using nice fabric so this was only my second time making a collar and stand - I'm pretty happy with the result.

Tomorrow we start on our final project - a fully lined jacket... (wish me luck!).


  1. Wow, my seeing skills are very limited so I'm always impressed when others can sewe real garments. Good luck on your final project!

  2. SEWING, not seeing. haha Guess I should proof before posting. :-)

  3. HOLY COW. What a LOT to learn in such a short time! I'm so envious of your new skills! And a fully-lined jacket, WOW! Good luck!

    Please share the results. I LOVE to see what you do!

    I wonder if there are any classes like this near me. I'm so in love with your new skill set, I want to try myself!