Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feel your heart beat!

The Eurovision final is on TV tonight.  We don't have a Eurovision Party in our house, but we do take an interest in the show.  This year there are actually some decent songs (not just embarrassing cheesy Europop!), so we might make it through the entire show.

But should admit that I think spending all that time at school with the 18 year olds in my class is changing my tastes because even though there are a few acts I like, when it comes down to it I'm saying "Go Jedward!"

Did anyone else watch the second semi-final and see the breakdancing to classical music (not an act, they were just there to fill in time during the voting)?  Wasn't it amazing!


  1. I felt 'hearbeat' as well. We too followed the pan European competition. My favorites were Slovenia and Georgia, although Jetward jumping was also out-standing thus ok for this context. I say the evening was worthwhile, although I would not vote for the winner...

  2. Hi Madara, thanks for stopping by to say 'hi'. My husband and I agree with you - there were other songs that we definitely liked more than the song that did win.