Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toiling over toiles

Thank you everyone for your good wishes with my jacket, they were so heartening to read and hear. Here is a quick post to update you on my jacket progress...

We didn't have time to draw our own patterns, so we each chose a commercial pattern.  I traced mine from an old copy of the Burda magazine.  On Thursday afternoon I cut out the pattern and made a toile of half the jacket using spare fabric that was lying around at school.
Today my teacher helped me adapt the toile to fit me.   It needed lots of changes!  I always thought that I was a rather 'average' shape, but it turns out that I have a bit of a sway back and rather pointy shoulder blades!  (Pointy shoulder blades?!)  I now know this because my teacher and a fellow student discussed them in great detail behind me while I was standing in front of the fitting mirror!  But it was all for good reason because then my teacher helped me to alter the pattern so it would fit better.  (I also added a bit more around my hips).  After changing the pattern I found some more fabric and made a second half toile.

For this toile I didn't add the pocket (it sits in the dart and is very cute) or the collar.  I just wanted to check that the sleeves and body fit - and they do.  Perfectly!  Now I just have to be brave and cut into my lovely wool blend fabric and hope I can sew well enough to do justice to the fabric and the pattern! 

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  1. Wow, what progress. I had to look up "toile" to see what it was that you were altering. Thanks to you I learned something new today!