Saturday, January 5, 2013


Oh dear, I've encountered a couple of glitches in my reinvigorated sewing plans - just as I was starting to get back into the swing of things (and using up some of my stash!).

Firstly, when I was cutting out a new shirt I mistakenly cut the back piece out as a pair of halves instead of one piece on the fold!  It was even a pattern I drafted myself so there really is no excuse!  Unfortunately I don't have enough fabric to recut the back and I'm using a print fabric so I can't add an extra panel to make up the couple of centimetres I need without having a double jump in the pattern.  I'm wondering if I can just use a small seam allowance and just sew up the back - that will muck up the collar piece though and may give a tight fit across the back...  A sewing dilemma!

Then the 'reverse' function on my sewing machine stopped working.  When I hold it down instead of sewing in reverse the machine just keeps stitching forward.  So it was dropped off at the sewing machine doctor this morning, I'm hoping for just a short stay there but it may be up to a week.

And finally - OK, this one is not strictly related to sewing but it certainly is affecting my general enthusiasm for things at the moment - the weather is really hot.  Our vegetable garden is looking very sad at the moment and we are hoping our summer crop isn't affected too badly.  We've had several days of heat, today it reached 40oC (104oF) and we have at least another week of above average temperatures.  The heatwave has been sweeping across much of Australia this week and has even led to severe fires in Tassie

I hope you are all safe and still relaxing from the holidays.

I can't leave you without a photo, so here is one I took a couple of months ago - some of our homegrown garlic drying out under the old pergola.


  1. Wow, that garlic is impressive. We've been wanting to do some homegrown garlic, but it's my fault; I'm not confident enough!

    Sorry to hear about the heatwave... I hope you're staying cool.

    I hope you resolve the fabric issue. I'm curious to see what the pattern you drafted is like!

  2. You should try for garlic! This was our second year attempting it and we had more success this year. We planted some in a container and some in a garden bed, the ones in the container did heaps better. I added an extra layer of homemade compost to the container and they must have loved it! I've read that you harvest garlic when the sixth leaf has died, so that's what we did and it seemed to work - the stems of any that were left longer started to rot. Go for it and good luck!