Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The pleasure (and perils!) of the post

A small package arrived for me today containing...  a small haul of Vogue patterns!  A couple of weeks ago I was looking on the internet for men's coat and jacket patterns (they are few and far between and you won't see one in this post either!) when I saw that Vogue patterns was having a sale of USD3.99 per pattern.  With the strong AUD I was very easily tempted! 

Being new to sewing and also enjoying the challenge of drafting my own patterns I haven't bought very many patterns, so this purchase single handedly more than doubled my stash!  I found the sizing a bit confusing as many patterns used different size ranges.  Being quite a pear shape I had to make a couple of decisions on choosing patterns based on bust or hip measurement.  In the end I decided that when in doubt - size up! 

So here is what I ended up buying.   (By the way, postage to Australia from the USA was more than the cost of all these patterns combined but for the discount in pattern price it was still worth it).

 V8630 - A simple dress with a large fold over collar.  A 'Very Easy Vogue', though apparently not recommended for pear shapes...

 V8312 - Some pattern love for my puppy!  I've made a couple of simple coats for Tansy, but I like that this has sleeves (legs?).  She's only 3 years old, but Tansy has developed quite bad arthritis in one of her legs.  I'm hoping that a coat with legs will keep her extra cosy and help ease her arthritis pain in the winter cold.
  V8333 - What was I thinking?!  A beautiful but 'Advanced' (!) jacket pattern. 

 V2787, V1044 and V8811 - Pretty vintage dress reprints. 

I love the bodice detail in the V1044.

My favourites are the jacket V8333 and the vintage dress V1044.  Hopefully you'll see one of these here soon as a finished object - but don't hold your breath!


  1. I love them!! The vintage dress is beautiful! I wouldn't know where to begin; you have excellent taste!

    1. I think I have a plan of attack for the dress - I'm going to make a shirt using an adaptation of the bodice to test the bodice. Then when I have 6 metres of a nice fabric (that's a lot of fabric!) I'll tackle the actual dress. Watch this space!

  2. I've done the same thing as you - noticed an online sale in the US and just kept adding patterns to my 'shopping cart' until it hit the next postage price bracket, then deleted one. I also spent the same on patterns as postage, it's great value really as the patterns are cut price anyway! I also love that jacket and dress pattern - Many Happy Sewing Days to come!

    1. Hooray for online sales. Ha ha, there'll definitely be many sewing days to get all this done!

  3. Hooray indeed for online sales and good on you for buying some lovelies. I found your blog via Dib's blog so thank you for commenting there!

    I've recently started gardening and am enjoying the first tomatoes, first potatoes, first zucchinis and so on. Wonderful. We don't have the cheeky birds here though so that makes things very different :))