Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zooming along

Today was another great sewing day at TAFE.  The sewing machines there are industrial sewing machines - they are a bit bigger than domestic machines and are really heavy, they also go super fast.  For the past week and a half during sewing class we have been encouraged to use the machines at full speed - even if our accuracy isn't great it will give us the confidence to use the machines.  

Well, today our teacher gave us a lesson in using domestic machines.  When I sat down at the machine to sew I tentatively eased my foot onto the pedal, just as I had every day with the industrial machines, then I added pressure and when the machine only slowly started stitching I put more pressure on the pedal.  Then I realised that I had the pedal fully depressed and the machine was at full speed yet it felt like it was barely moving!  Not only that, but I had near perfect accuracy!

I'm so thrilled to have already learnt so much and there is another four months to go.

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