Sunday, November 21, 2010

Darlek Tank Cake

A friend recently had their birthday, so yesterday I made a cake to help celebrate.  I was asked to make a 'futuristic tank'.  From what I could see of 'futuristic tanks' the world of modern warfare is more advanced than my cake making ability, so the design had to be simplified.

Yesterday morning my husband and I sketched some cake ideas (thanks to my friends who helped with ideas - no idea was ignored in our quest for a suitable cake).  We finally settled on a 'Darlek Tank Cake' and M&Ms were duly bought.

Here is the cake...

 I used my standard 'Rich Dark Chocolate Cake' recipe, but made it in a tray rather than a round cake tin.  I then made a paper template before cutting the cake to measure.  (The little 'L' shape was not needed for the design).

I coated each layer in ganache before adding the next layer.  Then lots of chocolate biscuits, M&Ms and a blue sherbet filled lolly created a darlek masterpiece.  If I had thought of it I sooner, I would have added something inside the cake as 'Davros' for an extra surprise.

The cake was "Exterminated" last night.

By the way, I bought some glow in the dark candles at the supermarket, they are quite effective.  I wish I knew they existed last year when I made the zombie castle cake, they would have added a nice eerie effect.

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