Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(Some of) My Current Projects

I'm a knitter who likes starting new projects, but don't always quite get around to finishing them.  Or I finish them, but it takes a while.  That is the main reason I have started this blog - I'm hoping that having an audience (no matter how small) will encourage me to finish each project in a reasonable time.  I'm not a big blog reader myself.  I only regularly read three blogs, and one of those lives and works in Canberra like me, but she somehow finds the time to knit so many wonderful items.  She has inspired me to want to be a knitter who finishes projects (and lots of them!)

So here are my current projects (well most of them...!)

Part of a jumper I am knitting for my husband (using 4mm needles for a jumper for a very tall man takes patience and definitely lots of love for the man in question!).  I encountered problems with the sleeves, so have put this to the side for a while...

A short sleeved jumper I am knitting for myself.  I've started using this yarn a couple of times, so it is getting a bit worn, this jumper is definitely going to get finished.  This is from a Stephanie Japel design, but I've made a couple of slight changes.

A lovely checkerboard scarf, I'm knitting this one as a present, so it has to get finished!

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