Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happenings in our garden

Last night I worked on the checkerboard scarf.  I'm not very fast with lacework knitting, but thankfully I don't make errors very often so at least my progress is fairly steady.

Here are some photos from our garden.  We bought our house last year and one of the things we love about the house we bought is the big yard.  Last year we (well, actually my Dad did most of the hard work!) converted our lawn area into raised garden beds and we had a great vegetable harvest over the summer and autumn.  I initially started weighing a lot of our produce just out of interest - but once we hit 40kgs of zucchini I stopped!  Here are my garden picks for the week...

Our first asparagus!  When we saw this in the garden on Sunday afternoon we were thrilled.  So far it is the only spear to come up, but we are watching the patch with anticipation.

 We've had strawberries for a couple of years in pots, but this is our first pink flowering strawberry.

Sweetpeas are one of my favourite flowers, and this is the first year I have been able to plant them in the ground.  They are loving it and I am picking a bunch every two days.

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