Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sun, sand and salty water

We just came home from a long weekend for Tansy's first trip to the beach.  All week we have been telling her that we were going on a trip and detailing all the fun things she could do at the beach. 

A long drive to the coast was made longer by having to stop four different times to take Tansy for a walk.  She doesn't mind the car and we usually take her somewhere at least twice a week in the car, but she gets very excited and whines a lot whenever the car slows down (red lights are the worst, she thinks we have stopped and should therefore be getting out of the car and going for a walk).  In addition to the whining she also quivers constantly with excitement.  Thankfully after the first stop she thought we were heading home, which is a much calmer drive! 

 I forgot to take an 'excited Tansy' photo, this is her after the first stop and she thought we were going home.  She has her car harness on.

After a long drive we finally arrived at our lovely, pet friendly accommodation - a little house with an "escape proof back yard".  Then we headed down to the beach...

So much to sniff!

She didn't like the water once she realised it was salty and not nice to drink.

Tansy was here.

 Sand is great for digging and getting all over everything! 

Exploring the rocks.

We all had a great time and she was exhausted by all the beach exploring and walking so she slept well.  But she was also happy to come home - within 10 minutes of arriving home she had uncovered a buried bone from Thursday and was gnawing wholeheartedly on it!

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  1. Hey, you achieved great Tansy photos!! Glad you had a good time :)