Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicken soup and hot dog

Our latest tips on helping pets keep cool in summer (or, another post about the heat...).

Dog:  We put ice cubes in Tansy's water and she 'bobs' for them.  Then she chases them around the floor.

Chooks:  Last year we made several soups with part of our vegetable harvest.  Some of them were very nice, some not great at all.  As a result, several takeaway containers filled with plain zucchini soup have been sitting in our freezer for a year - so we have been placing one a day into the chook house over the past few days of heat.   Phili likes to stand on top of it when we first put it in, then she gets off it and she and Butter both start pecking at it.  We used the last of that soup this afternoon, so tonight I cut up some zucchini, put it in some water and placed it in the freezer.  Some more chook ice-cream for tomorrow!

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