Friday, January 21, 2011

Tomato Festival!

Our zucchinis and cucumbers are still producing abundantly, and now the tomatoes are starting to really kick into gear.  If anyone has any good tomato sauce recipes please pass them our way - we hope we'll need it soon!
The plate at the front is today's harvest - including our first Black Russian and first Green Zebra of the season (to go with the Tommy Toes, Rouge de Marmandes [our favourite], Sunny Boys and Yellow Pears).  If you look closely you can see a funny 'snowman' shape Yellow Pear tomato.  The plate on the left at the back is yesterday's harvest, and the plate on the right are some older tomatoes.


  1. Oh. My. God. Look at those COLORS! You must be so proud!

    Do you can any of the tomatoes for the winter months? Which are your favorites to eat right off the vine?

  2. We are pretty happy with the tomatoes so far - and the season has really only just started! Our favourite for the past 3 years has been the Rouge de Marmande (mid-sized red ones). It is a very rich, but not overpowering tomato.

    This is the first year we have planted LOTS of tomato plants, last year we grew enough to be able to have salads and supplement cooking and make a couple of soups. We are hoping that we'll have enough this year to preserve some for winter. But we've had a few fruitfly around (new in Canberra) so the chooks have been getting more tomatoes than we would have liked. But we are still happy with the harvest, and if the chooks turn bad ones into eggs they aren't wasted!

    My husband is going to turn the tomatoes in that photo into tomato sauce this afternoon. We are wondering what sort of colour it will end up. By weight there is more yellow tomatoes than red, so we think maybe an orangey colour?!