Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend lunch and long sleeves

This afternoon's harvest - four zucchinis (three different types); three cucumbers (including a super long one!), some tomatoes (three different types), dwarf green beans, oh and there was also a couple of eggs (not in the photo).

We picked some more corn on Saturday for lunch - yum!  There were a few missing kernels but the slugs eating the silk didn't do too much damage. 

Yesterday I picked the last of the boysenberries, but the strawberries are just starting to get into full swing so we should have another month of berry-joy.

And last, but not least - I managed to get into some solid knitting yesterday afternoon and finished off the first sleeve for my husbands stripey jumper (started about 9 months ago).  Then I attached it and sewed up the side seam.  I don't seem to have great curved seam technique, so the sleeve seam is a little bit lumpy.  Oh, and despite checking measurements about 20 times the sleeve still managed to be about 5cms too long!  Never mind.  I can't face undoing the seams and frogging back half the sleeve, so it will stay a long armed jumper.  Only one more sleeve to go and then the neckband and then it's done.  Hooray!  I think I can finish it in a couple of weeks.  So it is definitely time to decide what yarn to buy next.  Does anyone have any tips on how to prioritise potential projects?  There are so many projects I'd like to make and I just can't decide what to do next.

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