Sunday, January 23, 2011

One Sunday in Canberra

From our house we have quite a good view over part of Canberra, but early this morning it was all hidden behind a thick blanket of mist.  It seems unusual to have such a heavy mist in the middle of summer.  A storm went through yesterday afternoon, including some hail, so maybe that contributed to it?

It had cleared by 9am so we went blackberry picking.  There are lots of wild blackberries in Canberra.    Today we went to the same place we've picked at for the past few years, but all the bushes were dead - blackberries are considered a pest and sometimes the Government goes on blitzes and sprays poison (they never spray during berry season).  Sadly it looks like they finally did that patch (probably a few months ago).  So we had to find somewhere else. 

We drove a bit further and found a nice quiet place and with all the rain over the past six months there were some very plump, juicy berries.  It is still early in the season though and there were mostly lots of immature berries.  We'll go back over the next couple of weeks to stock up on blackberries for the year.  They are great in fruit crumbles on a cold winter night!

I love how cobwebs showoff when it is misty.  This one is above the apricot tree (it is hanging off the power line).

This one is between the corn and the spring onions (and above the zucchinis!).

Strung between a blueberry near the garage.

334g of wild blackberries.

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  1. Michelle, you must live in heaven. :) Those pictures are so lovely, and that sunlight! Boy do I miss summer.