Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fading in the heat

According to our home weather station today was our second 40oC day in less than a week.  Our lawn is starting to go pale and crunchy underfoot.  Water restrictions have eased enough to allow the watering of lawns, but it seems such a waste of perfectly good water.  In summer we often save our laundry water to put onto the lawn, but it has been too hot for me to think about carting buckets of water around the garden!

I hate the heat!  I like cool days and warm days, I'm ok with cold days (not so much those icy Canberra winter mornings when I have to walk Tansy!), but I hate hot days. 

I've been surviving by turning on the air conditioner in the afternoons (something we try to keep to a minimum, but there are days when it just has to go on) and watching the TV while knitting.  [Segue to knitting update...]

I started the second sleeve for my husband's jumper a couple of weeks ago.  I was zooming along quite happily and then realised I was increasing stitches at the wrong rate, so it has to be frogged.  I hate frogging and try to avoid it whenever possible.  Sadly it can't be avoided on the jumper sleeve.  I have to frog.  I hate to frog.  Said sleeve is now sitting in my knitting box waiting for a frog-friendly evening - it may be waiting a while...

So I started on the turtleneck jumper I wanted to knit for myself.  I'm using Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic with 6.5mm needles - I love needles bigger than 5mm so I am very happy!  Things knit up so satisfyingly quick with larger needles. 

The jumper is something I am making up based on Stephanie Japel's Cosy V Neck pattern (but adding a turtle neck).  It seems to be going quite well so far.  There are a couple of things I could go back and change (but I won't - see above rant on frogging!), but overall I am very happy.  I've nearly finished the body and then just have to do the sleeves.  And because it is a raglan knit in the round there will be no sleeve attaching or body seams necessary.  Hooray!

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