Sunday, January 23, 2011

Four little jars

Yesterday we converted 2kgs of home grown tomatoes into homemade tomato sauce.  We've made jams and chutneys before so we thought that 2kgs of tomatoes would make quite a lot of sauce, but it only made four little jars.  It smells amazing though!  Now we have to wait a month for the flavours to develop before we can use it.  We can hardly wait and are already planning a BBQ for that day!

1.1kg of Sunny Boys and 0.9kgs of Tommy Toes

Add vinegar, onion and spices (and we added a chili for extra zing).
A strong clove smell permeated through the house, but close up it smelt just like tomato sauce.

Finished product - we sieved out the tomato skin and spices, but left in the tomato seeds.  And even with all those yellow Sunny Boys it is still quite red. 

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