Sunday, January 23, 2011

A harvest with a twist

Our afternoon harvest.
In case you couldn't see it - a twisted zucchini and the first eggplant of the season!

 And a monster parsnip.  My husband cut it before I took the photo - but I'm sure you can imagine how big it was before he cut up part of it for chips...!  I put my hand in the photo for size comparison.  We aren't sure how it got quite so big - it must have grown very fast!

And today's cake - there were lots of blood plums at the farmers market yesterday, so we knew what cake I would be making!  Blood plum and yoghurt.


  1. Wow, I love it! That parsnip is HUGE!

    That cake looks absolutely divine as well. Not sure what blood plums are, being a Yankee. You've given me an assignment for the day! :D

  2. And best of all - the parsnip was still sweet and tasty, not woody at all despite its size. Not sure if this helps you - but I've been assured that a blood plum is also known as a mariposa plum!