Friday, January 21, 2011

He-Man - Protector of Public Servants

I'm temporarily working in a building in the part of Canberra known as the Parliamentary Triangle - a hub of government and public servants.  I took my camera to work with me today, here are some highlights from my lunch break.
The Old Parliament House Garden (beautiful in rose season).

Old Parliament House, it now houses the Museum of Australian Democracy .
(yes, those are THE steps from the Whitlam dismissal)

The view from OPH to Mount Ainslie and the Australian War Memorial.

The John Gorton Building - specially designed and purpose built to house all the public servants that Australia would ever need.  HA HA!!  Now it isn't big enough to house one department!  Rumour has it that there are 10,000 meat pies in the foundations.

He-Man - Protector of Public Servants.
OK, it is actually supposed to be St George and was built to commemorate the reign of King George V.  But with that haircut how could he be anything else but He-Man to a someone brought up on 1980s cartoons?


  1. It seems you work in a culture-rich environment, where people have pride in their history. Lucky, lucky!

    Beautiful photos too~

  2. Why have I never seen he-man? I need to walk around with my eyes open more often!

  3. Megan - you need to plan another visit to Canberra. It is worth coming back just to see He-Man! He is right across the road from OPH, next to the Aboriginal tent embassy. He shares the giant pillar with King George V. King George V faces JGB, and He-man faces the other way towards that cafe (forgotten what it is called...).

    Sassafrass - Canberra is great. It was purpose built to be the capital, so we have all the amenities of a big city, but a small population, so no crowds.